Kan Oodoth

Zabrak Jedi


Species: Zabrak Gender: Female
Class: Jedi (1) ECL: 1 Destiny: Discovery
Age: 15
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 75 kg

Str: 8 (-1)
Dex: 16 (3)
Con: 10 (0)
Int: 12 (1)
Wis: 18 (4)
Cha: 14 (2)

Hp: 30 Condition: (Normal) Damage Threshold: 13

Fort: 13
Ref: 16
Will: 17

Initiative: 3 Base Attack Bonus: 1 Perception: 9 Force Points: 5 Speed: 6
Destiny Points: 1

Acrobatics: 8
Climb: -1
Deception: 2
Endurence: 0
Gather Info: 2
Initiative: 3
Jump: -1
Perception: 9
Persuasion: 2
Pilot: 3
Ride: 3
Stealth: 3
Survival: 4
Swim: -1
Treat Injury: 4
Use Computer: 1
Use the Force: 7

Adept Negotiator (40)

Hightened Awarness (Racial)(34)
Superior Defences (Racial)(34)
Force Sensitivity (Class)
Weapons Prof: Light Saber (class)
Weapons Prof: Simple (Class)
Weapon Fenesse

Light Saber: Attack- 4 Damage-2d8 Type: energy/slashing
Quarter Staff: Attack- 0/-2 Damage- 1d6/1d6 Type: Bl
Blaster Pistol: Attack- 1 Damage 3d6 Type: energy

Dark side score: 0/18

Mesh Tape (2)
Utility Belt
Hip holster
Fusion Lantern
Comlink Long-range
Credit chip
ration pack

Force powers:
:( Fail padawan is fail


Her great parents fled the unhospitible planet that her people developed on. They had made a new life among the space colonies. Her parents had settled down in the port town of Mos Eisley, where Kan was born and raised.

Determined that she would be a rich ambassitor they encouraged her educationally down the path of negotiation and diplomacy. Though she had caught the attention of a passing jedi who then encouraged her parents to let her start training as a padawan. Prefering their daughter have a rich and successful life they told the jedi to leave. Kan though, not looking forward to the life of a ambassitor, followed the jedi.

She started training and learning about the force, sadily self doubt holds her back on using it. As much as she would love to be a jedi, she feels unworthy of being one even though she knows there is no reason for this feeling. Also, due to her parents, she would prefer to diplomacise with those she is has a conflict with. Though, her attitude quickly changes if that person is on the dark side.

As a jedi, she wishes to bring the world to peace, by her words and her light saber. She sees those on the dark side as an enemy to that goal,as they would only bring suffering to the world. Thus, she shows no hesitation when it comes to the idea of striking down a sith. (even though it will be a while before she will be ready for that)

Around her forehead is a set of horns that are remenisiant of a circlet. From her ontop of her head hangs mid length jet black hair which she ties back at all times. Her skin nearly matches her hair though it is broken up with white facial tatoos. Her eyes are a bright red, which stand out strikingly against her dark skin. She wears fancier clothing then most padawans would in order to hide her idenity. Though, if given a choice, she would give them up for the jedi robes.

Kan Oodoth

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