Acantha Ghent

Togruta Padawan


Acantha Ghent
Class: Jedi Lvl 1 Species: Togruta Destiny: Rescue
Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5’5 Weight: 120 lbs

STR: 8 -1 Hit Points: 29 Speed: 6
DEX: 18 +4 Initiative: 9
CON: 8 -1 Perception: 7
INT: 18 +4 DMG Thresh: 11 Base Atk: 1
WIS: 14 +2 Force Pts: 5
CHA: 12 +1 Destiny Pts: 1

Fortitude: 11
Reflex: 16 Dark Force points: 14
Will: 14

Skills: Languages: Basic, Togruti

Acrobatic: 9
Initiative: 9
Knowledge (physical science): 9
Perception: 7
Pilot: 9
Use the Force: 6


-Force Sensitivity
-Weapon proficiency (lightsaber,simple weapon)
-Force Training


Pack Hunter
Spacial Awareness
Acrobatic recovery

Force Power:

Force Grip


Lightsaber: Atk: 0 2d8 (energy, slashing)
Crit: x2


Credit chip
long range Comlink
Ration pack
Utility Belt

Credits: 1000


Born and raised on the planet Shili, Acantha was taught the traditions and beliefs of the togruti. While she was getting older, her powers surfaced in the form of seeing things of people and detais about them without even trying to do it. She was given up at the age of 5 by her parents to a traveling jedi who came to talk to her people, sensing a strong bond with the force among them. Since then she has been training with other children to become padawans and after jedi. During her years of training, she discovered an abandoned spaceship and found an old droid that could be restored, she took it in for repair and became its master.

Redish orange colored skin in the design of other of her kind. She has four headtails, the color of bone with black stripes cutting across them. She has kind yet curious, purple eyes. When she smiles, her canine teeth appear very clearly.

Acantha Ghent

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