War of a Forgotten Era

How things went...

I am worried about my partner, some of the things he said on the ride bother me. I will have to keep a closer eye on him. Sadly, we spoke openly on matters I fear we shouldn’t of, since we felt we were alone. But there was a dug riding with us. I am unsure of what I think of him, but so far I do not think of him as a threat. Yet I do not trust him.

The dug warned us not to get on our next flight; it turned out to be good advice since the ship we were to board was shot down. Until the air space was safe we were stuck, so we decided to just explore. Well, my partner did, I just followed.

I like the feel of this planet; it felt nice not to be bombarded by all the technological advances of the other planets. Sadly, there is political unrest here, and visitors are not supposed to leave the station. I local, Gillob, helped us back.

We decided we would no longer explore planets we know nothing about. We spoke with a droid; that was when we learned of the attack. Shortly after the dug reappeared, he spoke to us as if he had knowledge of the force. A very curious person he is…

We hired someone to give us a ride, a sullustan, since that is now our best chance of moving on.



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